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led color changing landscape lights poles and decorative garden


Products Details

Feature of modern garden light parts

Antirust: Never rust.Made by 6063 Aluminum material.

Easy Installation: Simple design of the lamp, the overall installation of this light is simple.

Newest design: According to the modern city, We designed it.

Lowest price:No complex and large pole, it cost savings.


Main Feature:


Colorful LED lamp & lamp post

 The lamp pole two side with LED strip for color:red/blue/green/yellow/white and RGB full color change.

Simple & Fashion style

Decorative simple & fashion style ,

The product design creating is concise and fashion/delicate and elegant/classics and romantic/perfect combination and city beautification.


Easy to install



Simple design of the lamp, the overall installation of this light is simple.

More Feature:

Energy saving: saving more energy than the traditional incandescent, above 90%,In the same brightness level.

Long life: Using normally, the Lifespan up to 50000 hours, equivalent to 5 to 10 times the energy saving lamps.

Ultra low heat: solid cold light source.

Environment protection:no flash, no harmful gas, will not cause light pollution.

Colorful:the lamp and the lamp post is colorful.

Not easily damaged:6063 aluminum material,the lamp pole is high tenacity and metal material will be high reclaim.

LED Lamp:The light source with high quality LED chips and power supply.
Wide application:public garden/ business areal/luxury villa garden/ park/plaza/pavement of road,etc.



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