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led street bulb led street light cover

high lumen/power modular aluminum shell highway shoe box street lights


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Supply capability: 500 pcs/day.

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Normal lead time: 3 days for sample order;2-15 days for production order.

Payment condition: 30% before production, 70%before delivery.

led street bulb
led street bulb
led street light cover
led street light cover
led street bulb   led street light cover
led street bulb led street light cover

Led street bulb cooling technology
Generally use a heat conduction plate, which is a 5mm thick copper plate. In fact, it is a uniform temperature plate, and the heat source is evenly removed. There are also heat sinks to dissipate heat, but the weight is too high.
Led streetlights, compared to traditional lighting technology, LED lights have higher efficiency and longer life. Therefore, it becomes the preferred type of lamp to reduce the energy consumption of indoor/outdoor lighting and achieve energy-saving effect.
The main design of traditional LED street lamps focuses on the lumens of the LED, while less attention is paid to heat dissipation. In fact, the lumens of LEDs are rapidly increasing. The single-watt lumens for mass production of LEDs in 2009 has reached 100 lumens, and this value is still growing rapidly. The corresponding heat transfer theory system has matured, and the heat transfer methods we can use are also basically clear: conduction, convection, radiation and phase change heat transfer. Therefore, we can take measures that are visible and limited in terms of heat transfer or heat dissipation.
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