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led street light china led street light company

The first heat sink and lamp shell integrated design, LED directly with the shell in close contact, through the shell cooling wings and air convection heat, fully guarantee the LED lamp 50000 hours of service life. According to 12 hours of work per day, its life is also more than 10 years, and maintenance costs are extremely low;

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Port: Shenzhen,  Zhongshan, Guangzhou

Supply capability: 500 pcs/day.

Payment: T/T, Western Union, L/C,  Paypal.

Shipment: ocean or air transportation, international express.

Normal lead time: 3 days for sample order;2-15 days for production order.

Payment condition: 30% before production, 70%before delivery.


Q:MOQ and delivery time ?
A: NO MOQ required, sample testing welcome.
    Usually 2-5 days for samples, 7-15 days for bulk order.

Q: Warranty and lifetime maintenance

A: Five or eight years warranty, once find defective products, we will ship out new ones immediately to

    meet your project installation, YANGFA bear the products and shipping cost. 
    Then we will discuss the reason caused and find out the solution to avoid the same problem in future.

Q: Can you provide IES file or make lighting simulation?

A: Yes, we can. Professional Lighting solution, dialux simulation available.


Q: OEM or label privated ?

A: Yes.


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led street light china
led street light company
led street light company
led street light china     led street light company
led street light china
led street light company


Led street lamp company's advantage
A single high-power LED (30W-100W) encapsulated with independent intellectual property rights is used as a light source, and a unique multi-chip integrated single module light source design is used to select imported high-brightness semiconductor wafers; the first integrated design of the radiator and the lamp housing is adopted. The LED is directly connected with the shell, and the convection heat is dissipated through the shell heat-dissipating wing and the air, which fully guarantees the service life of the LED street lamp of 50,000 hours. Calculated according to 12 hours of work per day, its life is also more than 10 years, the maintenance cost is extremely low; the lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which can effectively dissipate heat, waterproof, and dust. The surface of the luminaire is UV-resistant and anti-corrosion-resistant. The overall luminaire meets the IP65 standard. The single elliptical reflector cavity is designed together with the spherical lone surface. The light emitted by the LED is controlled within the required range, which improves the uniformity of the light output of the luminaire. The utilization of sex and light energy can better highlight the advantages of LED street lamps. Compared with traditional sodium lamps, it can save more than 60% of electricity; no adverse glare, no flicker. Eliminates glare, visual fatigue and line-of-sight interference caused by poor glare of ordinary street lamps, and improves driving safety; no delay in starting, normal brightness in power-on, no need to wait, eliminating long-term start-up process of traditional street lamps; green environmental protection Pollution: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment; combined with solar energy is an excellent partner, give full play to the advantages of LED DC low voltage work and energy saving and environmental protection, solar photovoltaic panels and LED light source combined
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