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Outside street lamps installation method

2018-02-05 10:51:17

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Outside street lamps installation method
1, Insulation test: Use shake table to measure the insulation resistance between lines and ground, check whether the cable is intact or not, and whether there is leakage or not. All the test values ​​should meet the specifications. After the telemetry is completed, the core wire should be discharged to ground. The end of the cable is covered with rubberized cloth and wrapped in tape.
2, outside street lamps Installation:
(1) The same position of the street light installation height (from the light source to the ground), elevation, lighting direction should be consistent.
(2) The longitudinal center line of the lamp installation and the longitudinal center line of the lamp arm should be consistent, the horizontal horizontal line of the lamp should be parallel with the ground, and the visual inspection after the fastening should be without any skew.
(3) The lamp holder is fixed firmly, the adjustable lamp holder should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, and the lamp holder wiring should meet the requirements
(4) a variety of nut fastening, should pad and spring pad.
3, electrical equipment installation:
(1) After the material is checked out of the box, it can be installed and used only after passing the inspection.
(2) The center line of moving contact and static contact should be consistent, the contact should be close contact.
(3) Secondary circuit auxiliary switch switching contacts should be accurate, reliable contact.
(4) mechanical lock, electrical locking action should be accurate and reliable.
(5) grounding system must be solid and reliable and in line with the drawings and specifications.
4, test, pressure test: with debugging equipment, instruments, equipment must be approved by the state have qualified measurement of the relevant units tested by special use, custody.
(1) The insulation test of the electric circuit must be qualified, the impedance matching is proper, the connection is correct, the mark is clear and complete.
(2) Instrument should be responsive, accurate measurement, zero correct, indicating accuracy, deterioration, recording accuracy in line with the requirements of the manual.
(3) Check the installation is completed, confirmed that before the sub-commissioning.
(4) After each sub-commissioning is completed, it can carry out system debugging, linkage debugging and trial operation

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