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led street lamp price led outdoor public lighting.

2018-03-02 11:37:56

led street lamp price  led
led street lamp price led
outdoor public lighting
outdoor public lighting
led street lamp price  led     outdoor public lighting
led street lamp price led outdoor public lighting

 In the actual road lighting design, can be used in the basic set of the direction of each LED radiation under the premise of each LED ball joint fixed to the lamp, when the lamp used in different heights and width of the irradiation , By adjusting the ball joint so that each LED irradiation direction to achieve satisfactory results. In determining the power of each LED, the beam output angle can be calculated according to E (lx) = I (cd) / D (m) 2 (light intensity and illumination distance square inverse law) Beam output angle should have the power, and you can adjust the power of each LED and LED driver circuit output to each LED different power to each LED light output to achieve the expected value. These adjustment methods are unique to the road lighting with LED light source. Taking full advantage of these features, the lighting power density can be reduced to meet the energy saving requirements while satisfying the illuminance and illuminance uniformity of the road surface.
To make the LED drive circuit presents constant current characteristics, from the output of the drive circuit to look inward, the output impedance must be high. Work, the load current is also passed through this output impedance, if the drive circuit from the buck, rectifier and filter plus DC current source circuit or a common switching power supply and resistance circuit, it must also consume a lot of active power Power, so the two types of drive circuit to meet the basic premise of the constant current output, the efficiency is not high. The correct design is the use of active electronic switching circuit or the use of high-frequency current to drive the LED, the use of these two programs can make the drive circuit to maintain good constant current output characteristics of the premise, still has a high conversion efficiency, our country Of the road lighting, the basic use of HID light source with the trigger and the inductor ballast mode, although this model there is energy efficiency and strobe problems. The use of electronic drive circuit of the LED lamps, in the field of outdoor lighting applications, threatening its plasticity is an important aspect of lightning induction problem.
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