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led street lamp price led street light lamp

2018-03-09 09:49:23

led street lamp price  led
led street lamp price led
 street light lamp
 street light lamp
led street lamp price  led     street light lamp
led street lamp price led street light lamp

The heat dissipation technology of LED street lamps is generally used as a heat conducting plate. It is a 5mm thick copper plate. It is actually a uniform temperature plate, and the heat source is evenly removed. There are also heat sinks to dissipate heat, but the weight is too high. The weight is very important in the street lamp system. Because the street lamp has a height of 9 meters, if it is too heavy, it will increase. Especially in the event of typhoons and earthquakes, it may cause accidents. Domestic manufacturers have adopted the world's first needle cooling technology, pin-like radiators. The heat dissipation efficiency is much higher than that of the conventional heat sink, which can make the LED junction temperature 15°C lower than that of the common heat sink, and the waterproof performance is better than the ordinary aluminum heat sink. At the same time, the weight and volume are also improved. . In addition, graphite heat sinks developed for high power LED luminaires also have good thermal and thermal performance.
The heat dissipation methods include natural convection heat dissipation, forced fan cooling, heat pipe and loop heat pipe cooling. The forced cooling system with fan installation is complex and low-reliability, and the heat dissipation of heat pipes and loop heat pipes is expensive. The street lamp has the advantages of outdoor use at night, heat dissipation surface on the side and small body size, which are beneficial to the natural air convection heat dissipation, so it is recommended that the LED street light select the natural convection heat dissipation method as much as possible.
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